Dear kids, there’s sand in between your toes.

Dear kids,

How many hours have we spent at the beach? I’m not sure we could count even if we tried. The beach and all of its wonders are part of you at some deep cellular level. The sound of the waves. The cold Pacific water. The sand between your toes and in your ear. How exactly does sand get in your ear??

The US Government wants to destroy the California coast that you know and love. This breaks my heart in so many ways. Why, in 2017, are we extracting more fossil fuels from the earth? Why would we permanently destroy habitats and ecosystems on which our life on this planet depends? The greed and short-sightedness that drives this is breathtaking.

Thank goodness that people around the country are speaking up and telling our federal government that this isn’t okay. On behalf of you, the future generation, this is not okay.

The US Government is asking for comments about their recommendation to drill for oil near our beaches. Before July 26, 2017. That’s now.

Kids, this is a great opportunity for people to show they care about this stuff.

Adults are providing public comments here. Learning more about it here. Following the conversation and posting with #StandUpForSanctuaries. Even fisher-people are standing up and making their voice heard.

I am hopeful that the US Government won’t start drilling for oil near the beaches we love. Or any beach for that matter. I have to have hope that we’ll put our planet first, not an outdated and wrong-headed notion of what this country is/was. I have this hope for you, for the future generations.

All this talk of beaches has got me thinking that we’re due for some sand between our toes. It’s summer and time to go to the beach.

Love you lots,


A letter to my kids about hope

Dear kids,

For the 8 and 11 years that you’ve been alive (respectively), you have talked a lot about what you want to be and do when you’re an adult. One of you wants to be a professional baseball player. You talk about how you’re going to throw side arm when you’re a pitcher for the San Francisco Giants. The other kid wants to be a general manager of sports team, or maybe a baseball talent scout, or maybe something else you’re just not sure.

Together we talk about how you’re going to take care of dad and me when we’re old, and how you’re going to give me dark chocolate when I’m in the hospital even if my doctor says not to.

How can I be your parent and not have hope for the future? You talk about your dreams. You describe how you want to change the world, feed the hungry, or at least pitch a perfect game. How can I not have faith that everything is going to be okay for you? I want so badly for everything to be okay for you.

There’s an avalanche of news about how our planet earth is in a serious crisis. This article in New York Magazine. This in the Washington Post. There are hundreds more examples, but I won’t list them all here. One, there are so many of them and I will run out of space. Two, and most importantly, I find them all so depressing and the last thing I want to do is depress you.

I hate being depressed about global warming. I don’t want to feel helpless and hopeless. I want to know that the adults alive today doing their best to ensure that you have a planet to live on. That your children have a planet to live on.

Being a parent is a constant, exhausting, and inspiring act of hope. I have to do my best to take care of the earth, because everyday you inspire me to.

Keep dreaming, kids. I’m dreaming with you.

I love you,


PS: This made me laugh and as David Brower said, “Have fun saving the world, or you are just going to depress yourself.”