The count is 3 and 2, and this still counts as being outside

This summer I took the kids camping. It’s our third year going to Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, and my love is deep for that place and this tradition. We go for a full week and we fully settle into nature, routines, and happiness.

Spend a little time in an established campground and you’ll see lots of ways of camping. There are huge RVs, ginormous tents, tiny tents, no tents at all. People bring fully cooked meals that just need to reheated and others eat hot dogs cooked over the fire. Some pack the campsite with brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, kids of all ages, and a neighbor just for fun. Others camp solo.

There isn’t one way of being outside, nor is there one way of camping. It’s just like parenting… every parent will do it his/her/their way.

One of the things that we did a lot on this camping trip was play baseball. We played baseball at least twice a day. Sometimes it was just a game of catch, other times there were bases and rules. But every day we played baseball.

It’s what my kids are into right now. It’s what gets them excited, it’s how their imaginations work (who says my 7 year old isn’t Buster Posey??). Sure, we could just stay home and play at the local park. But why when you can play amongst the redwoods and foggy beaches of Northern California? When you could use driftwood for a bat and a pinecone for a ball?

There are lots of ways of being outside. Playing baseball is how we did it this summer, and maybe we will again next year. Or maybe not.

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